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From the bowels of the earth: ores and dignified metals

Copper was the first metal that man discovered in the earth’s crust. It could be formed into simple tools or weapons and was so important that an entire era was named after it: the Copper Age. The tools got better when man mixed the copper with tin and thus invented bronze. And when he learned

Magical dripstone cave discovered

Workers at the Biggethal lime works in the Sauerland region were astonished when they suddenly looked directly into the belly of the earth on 19 July. A blast in the limestone had exposed a crevice in the rock. Driven by curiosity, they crawled inside. What they saw inside left them speechless: a fabulous landscape of

Rebirth of the Amber Room

It has been lost for decades. There are countless speculations about where it is and whether it still exists at all. Whatever may have happened to the legendary Amber Room, it can now be admired again. On 31 May, Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder presented a reconstruction of the work of

Water bubble burst on Mont Blanc

On the night of 12 July 1892, an erupted glacial lake claimed almost 200 lives. The masses of water caused a mudslide that overran the small resort town of Saint-Gervais while it slept. A peaceful summer day comes to an end. Not suspecting anything bad, the inhabitants of Saint-Gervais go to bed on the evening

Shifting sand dune swallows lighthouse

In the north of Jutland, a huge dune has gone wandering. Its masses of sand have now buried the local lighthouse. Its operation was abandoned years ago. Now the Museum of Flying Sand, which was located in one of its outbuildings, is also closing. The lighthouse sent out its first signal to the open sea

Whale trapped in tidal power station

A six-metre-long humpback whale has strayed into the reservoir of the Annapolis tidal power station in the Canadian Bay of Fundy. The power plant’s turbines have been shut down to avoid injuring the whale. It remains to be seen how long the operators can economically justify an outage. Since 1984, the Annapolis tidal power plant

Daredevil drilling on the high seas

Near the Mexican Pacific coast, four propellers fight against the waves. They try to hold the drilling ship, the Cuss I, in place. For 3500 metres below it, its drilling rig is supposed to turn into the seabed. After several weeks and persistent attempts, the US researchers have now succeeded in drilling a 183-metre deep

Volcanic island Krakatau explodes

The eruption of the volcano Krakatau completely destroyed the volcanic island of the same name between Sumatra and Java. 36,000 people lost their lives in this natural disaster. Most of the victims drowned in the destructive tidal waves triggered by the exploding volcano. Thousands of kilometres away, the monster flood still wreaked havoc. Krakatau volcano,

Cut off from the mainland

For hours yesterday, two tourists were trapped on a rock in the roaring sea. One of the two arches of the rock sculpture “London Bridge” on Australia’s famous “Great Ocean Road” suddenly collapsed. This cut off the visitors’ way back. They had to be rescued by a helicopter. The young couple had walked to the

Missing person rescued from Falkenstein cave

The four students who were reported missing on Sunday morning have been rescued. They had entered the Falkenstein cave near Bad Urach on Saturday. After a thunderstorm, the water level in the cave had suddenly risen so much that their way back was blocked. Divers from the cave rescue service were able to free the

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