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Is partial solar eclipse dangerous?

It is extremely dangerous to look directly at the sun even during a solar eclipse. You should never attempt to observe a total, partial or annular eclipse with the naked eye. The safest technique for viewing a solar eclipse is indirect viewing. What happens if you look at a partial solar eclipse? But if you

Why is the maximum magnification of a light microscope 1500x?

Optical microscopes are limited to ~1500x magnification because resolving the smallest visible details is limited to Rayleigh criterion (i.e. limited to diffraction). Where λ is wavelength in nm and NA is numerical aperture of the lens. Why is 1000x the maximum magnification for a light microscope? The maximum magnification power of optical microscopes is typically

In what direction is the directional derivative maximum?

the same direction∇ f ∇ f and the unit vector point in the same direction. What is the maximum directional derivative of a surface? Detailed Solution. Directional derivative: It gives the rate of change of scalar point function in a particular direction. The maximum magnitude of the directional derivative is the magnitude of the gradient.

How do you calculate distance in C++?

distance = sqrt( (x2 – x1) * (x2 – x1) + (y2 – y1) * (y2 – y1) ); How do you find the distance from a C? Video quote: Okay so pythagoras theorem according to pythagoras theorem distance D is equal to square root of x2 minus x1 whole square plus y2. Minus y1

Can you have a horizontal and slant asymptote?

A graph can have both a vertical and a slant asymptote, but it CANNOT have both a horizontal and slant asymptote. You draw a slant asymptote on the graph by putting a dashed horizontal (left and right) line going through y = mx + b. Can a horizontal asymptote be slanted? A slant asymptote, just

What are congruent adjacent sides?

The word adjacent means “next to”, so the congruent sides are next to each other. Note: some texts leave out the stipulation that “not all sides are congruent”. If this is the case, it is possible for a kite to be a rhombus if all four sides are congruent. What shapes have congruent adjacent sides?

Why are integers closed addition?

a) The set of integers is closed under the operation of addition because the sum of any two integers is always another integer and is therefore in the set of integers. Are integers closed under addition Yes or no? However, integers are closed under addition, subtraction and multiplication but not under division. , they are

What happens to surface area when dimensions are doubled?

Explanation: . Doubling the dimensions makes the surface area 4 times the original surface area. How does changing dimensions affect surface area? Lesson Summary When the dimensions of the shape, such as radius, height, or length change, both surface area and volume also change. However, the volume of the object always changes more than the

How are space pictures taken?

Space photos use infrared and ultraviolet light sensors to show us planets in our solar system and distant galaxies. That means the photos we see have to be artificially colored to give a sense of what those objects might look like to human eyes. How are space photos taken? Hubble uses a digital camera. It

Why are my calla lily leaves turning brown?

If the leaf tips of your calla lily are turning brown, you may be watering too much. Brown leaf tips may signal excessive fertilizer. How often do you water a calla lily? Water. Don’t water your calla lilies too heavily, especially after initially planting them. Once the rhizomes are established, you can water the plants

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