Compaction in the Rock Cycle: Understanding the Process Behind Sedimentary Rock Formation

What is compaction in the rock cycle? Compaction is a critical process in the rock cycle that involves the gradual compression of sedimentary rock. This process is responsible for the creation of many types of sedimentary rocks, including sandstone, shale, and limestone. Understanding the process of compaction is essential in comprehending the formation of sedimentary

Crystallization in the Water Cycle: A Fundamental Process in Water Distribution and Purification

Crystallization is a vital process that occurs in the water cycle. It is the process by which water molecules in a liquid state transform into a solid state, forming ice crystals. Crystallization plays an essential role in the water cycle by regulating the distribution and availability of water on our planet. In the water cycle,

Understanding Crystallization in the Rock Cycle: A Fundamental Process in Rock Formation

What is crystallization in the rock cycle? Crystallization is a crucial process in the rock cycle that helps shape the earth’s crust. It involves the formation of mineral crystals from a liquid or gas state, usually as a result of cooling or evaporation. Crystallization can take place in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks, and is

SQL Server to Google Maps

How to migrate SQL Server to GCP? (1) Login to GCP console and navigate to SQL option on the left side menu. (2) Start creating a new instance of Cloud SQL by clicking on “CREATE INSTANCE” button. (3) Choose “SQL Server” option by clicking on the option “Choose SQL Server”. How do I connect SQL

Stereo-pair Image Registration

What is a stereo pair of images? A stereo-pair image contains two views of a scene side by side. One of the views is intended for the left eye and the other for the right eye. These images are sometimes viewed with special equipment to direct each eye on to its intended target, but they

Extracting Lat/Lng from Shapefile using OGR2OGR/GDAL

How do I extract coordinates from a shapefile? Export coordinates Click the Export button in the Coordinate Conversion pane. Click the button for the format to which to export the collected coordinates—this could be feature class, shapefile, KMZ, or CSV—and click OK. Browse to the location where you want to store the output and click

Constructing query in Nominatim

How to install Nominatim? Building Nominatim Create the directory and change into it. Nominatim installs itself into /usr/local per default. To choose a different installation directory add -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<install root> to the cmake command. Make sure that the bin directory is available in your path in that case, e.g. Is nominatim API free? Search queries. The

In Ogr2OGR: what is SRS?

SRSSRSA spatial reference system (SRS) or coordinate reference system (CRS) is a framework used to precisely measure locations on the surface of the Earth as coordinates. It is thus the application of the abstract mathematics of coordinate systems and analytic geometry to geographic space. What are the functions of ogr2ogr? ogr2ogr can be used to

Identifying port numbers for ArcGIS Online Basemap?

What ports does ArcGIS online use? Portal for ArcGIS uses the HTTP port 7080 and HTTPS port 7443 to communicate. By default, the portal enforces the use of HTTPS to encrypt communication; port 7080 is not used unless you change these settings to allow communication through HTTP as well. How do I connect Basemap to

Remove unwanted regions from map data QGIS

How do I delete part of a map in Qgis? Let’s get started! Import the spatial data to QGIS. To create a selection with an expression, first open your dataset in QGIS. Creating a selection to delete information outside our area of interest. From the toolbar at the top, click on the expression icon and

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