Converting CSV (polygon coordinates) to polygon feature class (shapefile)?

How do I convert a CSV file to a feature class? csv file to feature class Add the table to the map. Right click on the table and select data. Select display XY data. Export the features to a database. Run the XY Table to Point tool. Run Make XY Event Layer tool.   How

Accessing ArcGIS Pro using ArcGIS Online public account?

How do I open ArcGIS Pro in ArcGIS online? Sign in to ArcGIS Online in an ArcGIS for Desktop application. To open the ArcGIS Online window, click File > ArcGIS Online on the main menu. Click My Maps and Data to view, manage, and share your uploaded content. Do you need an ArcGIS online account

How to save a layer file with a relative path

How do you save a relative path in ArcGIS? Click the File menu and click Map Document Properties (ArcMap) or Globe Document Properties (ArcGlobe). Check the option to store relative path names and click OK to apply the settings. How do I save a layer file? Save a layer file Select the layer you want

Creating an sf object from the maps package

How do you create an SF object? Quote from video: In practice sf objects are usually created by reading in a shapefile or something like that however particularly for point observations. What package is SF in R? The sf package represents simple features as native R objects, using simple data structures (S3 classes, lists, matrices,

Add Geometry Attributes tool failing on line feature class and giving no error code using ArcMap

How do I fix invalid geometry in ArcGIS? Start ArcMap. On the main menu, click Customize > Toolbars > Data Reviewer. Click the Select Data Check drop-down arrow on the Data Reviewer toolbar, click the plus sign (+) next to Default Checks, then click Invalid Geometry Check. Why can’t I add a field to attribute

Creation of polygon in the gap between two existing polygons

How do I fill gaps between two polygons in Arcgis? Select the polygons that have holes you want to fill. on the Production Editing Advanced toolbar. Press the Ctrl key and click inside any of the selected polygons. The Fill Hole message appears and notifies you that all holes in the selected features will be

Why are my polygon features area being calculated as zero?

How do you find the area of a polygon? The formula to calculate the area of a regular polygon is, Area = (number of sides × length of one side × apothem)/2, where the value of apothem can be calculated using the formula, Apothem = [(length of one side)/{2 ×(tan(180/number of sides))}]. How do you

Removing parts of raster layer with QGIS (equivalent of vector difference tool)?

How do I trim a raster image in QGIS? Clipper Tool Verify the raster you want clipped is the Input file. Click “Select…” next to the Output file, find your working folder, and name the output raster. Click the radio button next to Mask layer and use the drop-down arrow to select the layer you

Using QGIS SpatiaLite/Geopackage databases on shared network drives

Can you open a GeoPackage in QGIS? You are now ready to add any layer from this GeoPackage to QGIS. Click on the Connect button. In the central part of the window you should now see the list of all the layers contained in the GeoPackage file. Select the roads layer and click on the

Comparing two spatial datasets statistically

How do you compare spatial distributions? To analyze the spatial distribution of attribute values (not features itself, but certain attribute values), you can divide (weigh) the values by distance to neighbors and create a frequency distribution. You can then compare that against a uniform or random distribution. What is the statistical test for spatial distribution?

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