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Unveiling Earth’s Frozen Mystery: Is Ice Concealed in the Core under Intense Pressure?

Getting Started The Earth’s core is a fascinating and complex region that plays a crucial role in the geophysical processes of our planet. Composed primarily of iron and nickel, the core is divided into two distinct parts: the outer core and the inner core. The outer core is in a liquid state due to the

The Driving Forces Behind Subduction: Why Denser Plates Sink Beneath Lighter Ones

The Earth’s core is one of the most mysterious and fascinating regions of our planet. It is the source of the Earth’s magnetic field and is responsible for generating the heat that drives the movement of the tectonic plates. The core consists of two layers: the outer core, which is liquid, and the inner core,

The Core Connection: Exploring the Influence of Earth’s Inner Core Rotation on Climate

The rotation of the Earth’s inner core plays a crucial role in determining the planet’s climate. The inner core is a solid ball of iron and nickel, about 1,220 kilometers in diameter, surrounded by a liquid outer core. The rotation of the inner core generates Earth’s magnetic field, which protects the planet from harmful solar