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Unbreathable Atmosphere: Tracing Earth’s Biogeochemical History Back in Time

How far back in time would you have to go before you could no longer breathe the atmosphere? 1. Understanding the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere The Earth’s atmosphere is a complex mixture of gases that provides the essential ingredients for life. The composition of the atmosphere has changed significantly over billions of years, shaping

Why East Pacific Cyclones/Hurricanes Fizzle Out: Unraveling the Mystery

Surface sediments play a critical role in the global carbon cycle because they store a significant amount of organic carbon. Biogeochemists often measure the amount of carbon stored in surface sediments in kilograms per square meter (kg/m2). However, it is sometimes necessary to convert this value to percent, which can be a challenging task for

Why does decreasing surface alkalinity increase surface pCO2?

The Biogeochemical Link: Understanding the Relationship between Surface Alkalinity and pCO2 in the Earth System The Earth’s surface is a complex system that includes the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. Within this system, there are numerous biogeochemical cycles that play a critical role in regulating the composition of the atmosphere and oceans. One of the most