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How to find matching pixel values in seperate rasters

How do you compare two rasters? How to Compare Two Raster in ArcGIS Open the ArcMap, navigate to Geoprocessing on the menu bar. Select ArcToolbox. Double-click Spatial Analyst. Double-click Map Algebra. Double-click the Raster Calculator. In the Raster Calculator window, double-click one of the rasters to be analyzed. How do you calculate the number of

Programmatically reordering ArcGIS layers

How do I change the order of layers in Arcgis? Click the Map tab. On the Layers pane, click a layer and drag it up or down in the table of contents. A black line indicates where the layer will be placed. A pop-up dialog box shows layers selected for reordering and indicates whether you

Python Question – how do I extract a part of a string

How do I extract a specific part of a string in Python? You can extract a substring in the range start <= x < stop with [start:step] . If start is omitted, the range is from the beginning, and if end is omitted, the range is to the end. You can also use negative values.

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