Where is the newest mid ocean ridge system forming?

Scientists Report New Type of Mid-Ocean Ridge in Remote Parts of the Earth. Scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have identified a new type of ocean ridge that is spreading so slowly that Earth’s mantle is exposed over large regions of the sea floor. Where is a mid-ocean ridge most likely to form?

How do you draw a cross section of a geological map?

What is a geological cross section map? A geological cross-section is a graphic representation of the intersection of the geological bodies in the subsurface with a vertical plane of a certain orientation. How do you draw a geology map? https://youtu.be/ The black lines represent the bedding planes let's take any plane. Check for consecutive contour

How are continental glaciers formed?

How do the Continental Glaciers Form? The formation of continental glaciers occurs in places where there is much of snowfall compared to the rest. After falling, the snow begins to compress and then becomes more tightly and densely packed. It changes from light, fluffy light crystals to rounded ice pellets. Which continental glacier is? Continental

What are the products of mechanically weathered granite?

Hydrolysis is the chemical weathering of minerals by a mildly acidic water that forms when rains dissolves trace gases in the atmosphere. The reaction of feldspar minerals in granite with rainwater produces kaolinite, white clay known as “China clay” used in the production of porcelain, paper and glass. What are the products of weathering granite?

Wie sieht Basalt aus?

Aussehen. Basalt ist für gewöhnlich dunkelgrau bis schwarz. Er besteht zum größten Teil aus einer feinkörnigen Grundmasse. Gröbere, mit bloßem Auge zu erkennende Einsprenglinge sind relativ selten, können aber bei einigen Basaltvarietäten häufiger vorkommen. Wo finde ich Basaltsteine? Basalt ist, betrachtet man sowohl die Festländer als auch den Grund der Meere, das Gestein mit der

Which supervolcano is most likely to erupt?

What supervolcano is most likely to erupt next? The researchers say that an extra four cubic kilometres of magma builds up in Toba every thousand years. This means that next equivalent super-eruption would occur in 600,000 years – though smaller ones could happen in the meantime. What is the most active supervolcano? Taupo erupted 22,600

What is the temperature of the inner core in Fahrenheit?

9,392° Fahrenheit9,392° Fahrenheit). The pressure is nearly 3.6 million atmosphere (atm). Is the inner core 9000 degrees Fahrenheit? Estimates of its temperature vary, but it is probably somewhere between 9,000 and 13,000 degrees Fahrenheit (5,000 and 7,000 degrees Celsius). Above the inner core is the outer core, a shell of liquid iron. What is the

What can occur on a steep slope during an earthquake?

Groundshaking due to earthquakes destabilises cliffs and steep slopes, causing landslides and rockfalls as a significant side-effect. Heavy rain and unconsolidated or fractured rock are exacerbating factors. Subsidence, or lowering of the ground surface, often occurs during earthquakes. How do earthquakes affect slope stability? Earthquakes and slope stability Earthquakes produce horizontal and vertical accelerations in

What are the sparkles in granite?

Mica In Granite Countertops Explained: quartz, feldspar, and in some cases mica. Mica is usually what makes the granite slab look beautiful by giving off a reflective three dimensional appearance that sparkles. What are the shiny flakes in granite? Feldspar is a major component of granite. It shows up in many different colors but can

Are there any active volcanoes in Virginia?

What are the odds of us Virginians dying in a pyroclastic flow? Rest assured that Virginia’s two best-known volcanoes — Mole Hill in Rockingham County and Trimble Knob in Highland County — are in no danger of blowing their tops. Do Virginia have volcanoes? The Valles Caldera is also closer that the erupting lava vents

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