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Unveiling the Geological Fate: The Post-Subduction Journey of the Indian Plate beneath the Eurasian Plate

1. Subduction of the Indian Plate The Indian plate, a huge tectonic plate beneath the Indian subcontinent, is currently converging with the Eurasian plate. This convergence has resulted in the formation of the mighty Himalayan mountain range, which continues to rise due to ongoing tectonic activity. As the Indian plate continues to move northward, it

The Badlands Guardian: A Geological Wonder or a Product of Human Intervention?

The Badlands Guardian is a geological formation in southeastern Alberta, Canada. It resembles a human head wearing a headdress and has been the subject of fascination and speculation since it was first discovered on Google Earth in 2006. Whether the Badlands Guardian is a natural formation or the product of human intervention has been the

Can “meanders in meanders” form naturally?

Meandering rivers are a common feature of many landscapes. They are formed by the erosion and deposition of sediment by flowing water. The river channel curves and bends, forming a series of loops or meanders. These meanders can form smaller meanders within themselves, which has led to the question of whether “meanders within meanders” can