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The Weighty Impact: Examining the Influence of Urban Structures on Alluvial Sediment Compaction

Understanding the Impact of Urban Structures on Alluvial Sediments: A Comprehensive Analysis As cities continue to grow and expand, the construction of urban structures, particularly buildings, has become increasingly common. These structures exert a significant weight on the underlying alluvial sediments, which typically consist of loose, unconsolidated materials such as sand, silt, and clay. The

Unveiling the Stress-Induced Energy Density of Porous Rocks: A Game-Changer in Earth Science

Energy density of porous rocks Porosity is a fundamental property of rocks that plays a critical role in various geophysical and engineering applications. It refers to the void space within a rock or sediment that can be filled with fluids such as water, oil, or gas. The energy density of porous rocks is an important